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I was raised in a family in which art was not naturally. Even though, I experienced that being creatively active is an essential part of my life. Besides drawing and painting, I love to play my guitar. I love literature, poetry, film, and photography as well. I wrote about a hundred articles for the Dutch website Infonu, many about art subjects.

My father was, among other professions, an auctioneer and broker-valuer of art and antiques. He died December 2016 in the age of 90, but I found myself surrounded by many beautiful works of art in my family home. These are part of my inspiration and I use the feel I have with those objects to make art myself.

I am a great fan of painting. (Neo) impressionism, painting from the ‘Haagse School’ and modern art like the work of my teacher Sandra Kruisbrink and her husband Sam Drukker are favourites. I love Van Gogh and Rembrandt, I also love Breitner, Israels and the French impressionists. I love a lot more, so if time is on my side, I visit museums, galleries or Internet sites on art.

Finally, my love for Ukiyo-e or Japanese woodcut art needs to be mentioned. In this technically difficult art form very beautiful works have been made. Japanese art is characterised by simplicity and subtlety. Subjects vary from scenes of the famous Kabuki theatre, daily life and nature on to a specific category of erotic art called Shunga.

For my own works I mostly choose subjects from nature. Often plants and animals inspire me: hollyhocks, Japanese maple, Hydrangea and butterflies and birds.