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Atelier  Catharina

Welkom in Atelier Catharina.  Here you will find my work, information about the various techniques I use and a lot of inspiration, I hope.  Not only can you watch my art, you can also learn how to use watercolor and soft pastel

Furthermore this place is meant to be a meeting place for my  art loving friends. In my galleries you can  find what I have made.  


Welcome in my virtual atelier. Here I will share some of my persoality through my work.

'Personality begins where comparison ends'
(Karl Lagerfeld)


Watercoloring is a technique that needs patience and concentration. De transparancy of a watercolor gives the work its own character. Working with this kind of paint brings with it a particular lack of control. 

'Water is the driving force of all nature' (Leonaardo da Vinci)


Drawing means 'back to basics'. The pencil, the charcoal or the pen and ink are the only instruments available. The rest is up to the artist. 

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'
(Leonardo da Vinci)

Soft pastels

Soft pastel makes it possible to draw and paint at the same time. One can go on as long as one wishes. The work will get enriched by using layer over layer. The work will get colorful and and a pleasure for the eyes.

'Color is a matter of taste and sensitivity'
(Edouard Manet)


The threedimesional aspect of sculpturing keeps the artist turning his work again and again. He will look at his work from every possible sight to create a sculpture that is a unity in its surrounding space. 

'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free'

Mixed techniques

The combination of different techniques is not only fun to make, the effects are often amazing.

'Creativity is just connecting things'