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It's time. It is 2018, a year for which I wish everyone a lot of creativity. In December 2017 I was mainly engaged in watercoloring. I made several works with silhouettes. When I make a watercolor I always work in different layers and from light to dark. I start with a pencil sketch. Then I create a background and finally I ad sharply defined heavy toned silhouettes. This can be seen in my dancer in the rain and my swinging child.

Furthermore, I have been busy with form and in between forms. This has led to a number of still lifes with cans. It's not only what shapes the objects have, but also about what happens in between.

It is nice as well to show some work of others. This time I show two works of my aunt: Anneke Mastenbroek. She made a self-portrait with rocking horse and the family photo that I painted in watercolor as well. Very nice.