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For spring, I made a few blossom works. In these kind of paintings and drawings one can clearly distinguish between the graphic way of working on the branches and the pitoresque way of working on the flowers. It is furthermore a great subject to work with colors.

News: atmospheric perspetive

October 2017

My drawing and painting lessons have started again. My teacher, Sandra Kruisbrink, usually starts the series of lessons with drawing in black and white.  We focus on a particular subject. At the moment this subject is atmospheric perspective. First we make a couple of drawings to get the feel of the subject. In the end we make beautiful watercolors or pastels. 

What is atmospheric perspective?

When we speak about atmospheric perspective we mean that particular objects are near the viewers eye. They are outlined sharply, have a clear shape and the tone is dark. When a silhouet is placed in the foreground, we call this a repoussoir. Objects that are farther away are shaped less sharply, the tone is lighter and sometimes misty. Thus we create perpective in our works. Below a couple of examples I made are shown.

Drawing lesson in an Amsterdam Canal Museum: The Cromhouthuis

Amsterdam, 16 July 2017

One of the little treasures Amsterdam has to offer is the Cromhoutmuseum at the Herengracht. In this museum a rich collection of art objects is shown to the public. Once a richt family used to live here. At this moment, there is also an exhibition of drawings from very famous artists like Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens and others. 

At the same time, every Wednesday and Friday afternoon until October 2017 it is possible to join a drawing class teached by the curator of the museum. One will receive a sketch book and pencil and make a tour through the museum. Meanwhile objects from the museum are drawn by the participants and commented by the teacher. 

Afterwards a nice tea or coffee can be enjoyed in the cafe of beautifal garden.

Below you will find an impression in pictures of the museum and my drawings.