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On this page I show work, reactions, philosophical insights, ideas and art of others, in a broad sense. On the bottom of the page you can leave your comments. If you'd like to exhibit in my visitors gallery as well, please let me know. You can mail to: or fill out the form on this page.

I know Catharina fromf my weekly drawing class. We recognised certain similarities in eachothers work. It's a connecting factor. Especially the explosive use of color in doing the assignments we have in common. Neither of us is afraid of letting "it" happen. Catharina is a little more precise than I. To discover these differences is also fun. 

our improvements and results

In this way Catharina inspires me, especially because there is no subject she avoids. Through pictures we send by e-mail or whatsapp  we show our improvements and results to each other in order to follow each other from home as well. It's real fun.

I am not always acting on goals. Often I visit museums and whene there, I just try to watch. Nowadays I look to art quite differently than before. I find that very educating. In this way I discover new things again and again, for example about the way an artist made his works and how beautiful and artistic this is. 

I love colors. My favourite subjects are portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Watercoloring I only practise since two years. 

Jetske Teekens

I know Jetske from my weekly drawing and painting class. Jetske is not only very good at making beautiful works of art, she is also a lovely friend. Apart from our art interests we share many things about life itsself when we are together. 

About her work: I get inspired by her loose way of working. Jetske is of a grand gesture, she's not into fiddling. I very much like here use of colors.

Though Jetske is only into watercoloring for two years, I like this technique of hers the best. 

Jetske is a nice art friend and I hope we will share a lot in future, in our drawing class, through our e-mail and whatsapp contacts and when visiting exhibitions with our friend Phia. 

Catharina Mastenbroek