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Water colouring is quite a difficult technique. A lot of patience and a plan are needed to reach your goal. After having formed a basic plan and a sketch one needs to tame the paint and one has to accept that it nevertheless goes its own way. I tend to use many colours. The paint I use is of the brand Schmincke, a German product. This watercolour paint is richly pigmented and therefor gives a deep rich colour. The paper I prefer is Senellier, which is rather expensive, but other brands will do. Of importance is the structure of the surface. There are many differences in rough and smooth paper.

I usually make a pencil sketch first. Then I decide on which parts of my work will have to stay white. These parts I mark with masking fluid, suet or I simply don’t wet them so that paint will not stick to those spots. I work from light to dark. In water colouring one may tend to use too much pigment to soon. This takes the characteristic of transparency of the work away and the paint will be more opaque. In between several layers of paint the work has to dry and that is where patience comes into play. I mix colours on my palette or on the paper itself. By painting in several layers rich effects can be reached.